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The medical receptionists will be pleased to make a mutually suitable time for an appointment to attend any of the clinics or services following a referral from your own doctor.


Diabetic Clinic
(Wednesdays with the diabetic nurse and doctor)
Asthma Clinic
(asthma nurse)
Travel Clinic
(practice nurse)
Child Immunisation Clinic
(practice nurse)
Well Baby Clinic
(Held at 85 Victoria Drive)
Child Development Clinic
(Held at 85 Victoria Drive)
Health Clinic
(practice nurse)
Coronary Heart Disease Clinic
(practice nurse)
Hypertension Clinic (practice nurse)
Minor Operations (doctor and practice nurse)
Smoking Cessation Clinic  Wednesday Afternoon


Antenatal and Postnatal Care (community midwife)
Contraceptive Services (practice nurse)
Routine Adult Immunisation (practice nurse)
Child Health Surveillance (GP/health visitor)
Dietary Advice (dietitian)
Blood Pressure Checks (health care assistants)
Ear Syringing (practice nurse)
New Patient Registration Medicals (health care assistants)
Stitch Removal (practice nurse)
Dressings (practice nurse)
Cervical Smears (practice nurse)
Blood Tests (phlebotomist/health care assistant)
Hearing Tests  
Chlamydia Screening  

Travel Health

The increase in worldwide travel has increased the risks of illness and disease. Travellers are at risk of having problems with their existing diseases as well as catching new and exotic diseases whilst abroad.

Please note that NHS cover does not extend beyond the shores of the UK and therefore medication required for a prolonged stay abroad will have to be purchased privately. Although some immunisations are available under the NHS, most have to be purchased privately and the appropriate fee will be charged by the practice.

Our practice nurses are trained in giving travel health advice as well as arranging and giving travel immunisations. If you are planning to travel abroad you may find it helpful to consult a reputable travel health site on the web such as and the National Centre for Infectious Diseases website, It is advisable to book your travel health appointment with our nurses approximately three months in advance of your proposed holiday date, to allow time for vaccination planning and for it to be effective.

Some vaccinations and medication required for a travel purposes will have to be purchased privately. You will be asked to complete a travel health form at reception before you attend the practice nurse, who will then advise you of what vaccinations and medication are needed for your particular trip.

Finally, remember that if you take ill on your return it is important to tell the doctor where you have been and give details of your immunisations as this may be important in assessing your health. Also note that malaria medication must be taken for some time on returning home to prevent illness.

For further details contact the practice nurses for an appointment.

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