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Face to Face appointments Posted on 1 Feb 2022

Dear Patients

We would like to reassure you, despite what the media is saying, we are still seeing patients face to face and have been doing so continuously since the beginning of the pandemic, if it was clinically necessary.

Recent data published by NHS digital shows that in the last 12 months till the end of August, we saw 35,500 patients face to face, that is 86% of our available appointments.

We would like to reassure you we are working very hard to deal with every patient appropriately.

Our practice policy is that most patients needing on the day treatment, will be triaged by a clinician, the patient and the Clinician will then decide what is the best way for the patient to be treated.

There is a link below to a video posted by a GP explaining the way general practice has changed to make better use of the resources we have available.